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Chipstar LED Co., Ltd–a subsidiary of QST LED (USA) specializes in manufacturing of indoor and outdoor high-definition full-color LED display.

Chipstar LED Co., Ltd was formed by Mr. Hu (USA) and Mr. Zhang (China). “Hua” means China and “Mei” means Beautiful or America.

The combination of both symbolizes the utilization the strength from both cultures.

Our company has professional production equipment and excellent technology, industry veteran, high-quality, high standards of modern management team, a high level of professional and technical developer, has many years of operating experience and well-trained, a significant number of skilled workers.

Our products has passed CE, FCC and RoHS ceritificate. Reliable quality, advanced technology, perfect technology, automation of form a complete set of production equipment, standard production line, perfect sales network and good pre-sales after ssales service is to provide high quality products and continuous development of our roots.

Products are exported to North America, Europe and the Middle East region and other overseas markets, such as Sweden, UK, Italy, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Spain, USA, Ruaais, Canada, Singapore, Japan, etc.

Combining lean and mean manufacturing, volume procurement and rapid local support from our Asia, Europe and North America offices complete vertically integrated supply chain from the raw material source to the customer.


what can we do

Always over deliver on and under promise.

Accommodate to help you at the times when YOU are available.

Provide real-time spare parts and inventory levels.

Help YOU to the best of our abilities even if when it's not our obligation.

NOT nickle and dime YOU.

You'll get a communication within 24 hours of a request.

The Best Way To Grow Your Business Hands Down!

We help you achieve positive cash flow from day one by providing access to key financial resources.

We look at things from your point of view and make sure you get the best advice and the right product for the job. It’s what we know, and what we’ve been doing successfully for years.

From steelwork design to on-site integration, our experienced team can offer advice on all aspects of an installation, or we can provide turn-key installation management service for you.

Whether you need one-off service calls, regular maintenance or on-site support for prestigious events, we have a team of experienced technicians available.

Buying the right screen in a non-standard market with huge variances in quality and price points can be daunting. We provide expertise so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

Installing a screen is just the beginning. We can help you choose the right content delivery system, content creation, creative services, and operating the boards and allowing you to focus your energy on selling.

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Chipstar LED Co., Ltd.
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